• In this example, I have displayed wishbone VGA Patterns on a monitor.
  • For this Example we have used following PMOD: Digilent-VGA-PMOD
  • VGA PMOD is connected to the beaglewire P3, P4 Pmods.
  • pinmap can be found in pcf file.
  • It is connected upside down to port3 and port4.
  • Detailed Steps
  • VGA Pattern Table:
{SW3, USR1, USR 0} Pattern on VGA
000 Disable
001 All Red
010 All GREEN
011 All Blue
100 Checkboard White/Black
101 Color Bars

Flash the FPGA with VGA example bitstream

cd Beaglewire/examples/vga

# If the fpga tools present on BBB

# Else scp the .bin file in Beaglewire/examples/vga
# In host computer go to Beaglewire/examples/vga
# make
# Command to send it to FPGA: 
# scp vga.bin debian@

# Loading SPI flash after FPGA reset, it will be boot up on SPI.
make load_spi

# Reset the FPGA for running bitsream (RST Button on BeagleWire)


  • Demo Video of VGA can be found here: Imgur