Bar Graph

  • This Example is the template for wishbone intercon
  • The testcase consist of:
    1. Wishbone Slave 1: PMOD 3 (Bar Graph 0)
    2. Wishbone Slave 2: PMOD 4 (Bar Graph 1)
  • Address Map
          Wishbone Memmap
          Slave 0:  0x0000
          Slave 1:  0x0040
  • Wishbone intercon automatically routes signals and data to the appropriate slave depending on the memmap

Flash the FPGA with bar_graph bitstream

cd examples/bar_graph

# If the fpga tools present on BBB

# Else scp the .bin file in Beaglewire/examples/bar_graph
# In host computer go to Beaglewire/examples/bar_graph
# make
# Command to send it to FPGA: 
# scp bar_graph.bin debian@

# Loading SPI flash after FPGA reset, it will be boot up on SPI.
make load_spi

# Reset the FPGA for running bitsream (RST Button on BeagleWire)

Running bar_graph script for transferring the memory words from ARM to FPGA (LEDs)

  • Before running the bar graph script ensure that bridge libs are compiled.
    cd Beaglewire/bridge_lib/
  • Once the bridge libs are compiled:
    cd Beaglewire/examples/bar_graph
    chmod +x
    sudo ./


  • Generalize C code with the help of memmap