• Encoder has two inbuilt 90 degree phase out switches, using which we could tell the direction of encoder motion.
  • Using a state diagram we are detecting the direction.
  • All the steps and information can be found here: Detailed Steps
  • Information about State Diagram and 90 degree phase out switches are as follows:

Flash the FPGA with encoder example bitstream

cd Beaglewire/examples/encoder

# If the fpga tools present on BBB

# Else scp the .bin file in Beaglewire/examples/encoder
# In host computer go to Beaglewire/examples/encoder
# make
# Command to send it to FPGA: 
# scp vga.bin debian@

# Loading SPI flash after FPGA reset, it will be boot up on SPI.
make load_spi

# Reset the FPGA for running bitsream (RST Button on BeagleWire)